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March 17, 2014

I recently acquired another 1944 “Victory Calypsoes” booklet (pictured above). It is original and complete.  I would like to trade it for any of the other booklets from the 1940’s except for the 1943 booklet which I also have.

Aside from my hobby as a collector of calypso related memorabilia, I am interested to see what part Mohamed Khan played in the publication of the booklets after 1945. That was the year when everyone realized that the copyright (like the one obtained by Khan in 1943) could be worth millions of dollars.

If you look closely at the above booklet cover you will see that the content was “compiled and edited by Raymond Quevedo (Atilla)” but that “all rights [were] reserved by M.H. Khan”. It seems clear to me that Khan’s copyright was secured only for the purpose of protecting the booklet from competition. He wasn’t intending to copyright the songs themselves.

Luckily for him the Yankee judge ruled otherwise.

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About this site - first-time callers should begin by reading “Calypso on Trial” which gives an overview of how “Rum and Coca-Cola” was composed by Lord Invader in Trinidad in 1943, brought to the United States in the mind of comedian Morey Amsterdam,  became the #1 most popular song in the country in 1945,  and then was fought over in court in two high-stakes copyright infringement lawsuits, “Khan vs. Feist” and “Baron vs. Feist”, which were finally settled in 1950.

The two other pages which are sure to please the casual reader are the “Amsterdam Interview”, an interview I recorded with Mr. Amsterdam in 1980, and “Versions of the Song” which has around thirty different versions of “Rum and Coca-Cola” and which is constantly being added to.

After looking at those three pages you’ll have to decide whether you want to go into the details, which I find fascinating. I will be adding much more material in the coming months. Thanks.

Yours truly in calypso,

Kevin Burke

Cambridge, Massachusetts